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The Slime Cave Part 3
With her newfound companion's glow lighting the way, Kiri found her way back rather easily. "Excellent. Now, you do have a way to climb back up, yes?" Giving the steaming woman a rather cold glance, Kiri called for her pack mule. "Hey, Dahlia! Where are you?" No reply. However, she spotted her damp gear near the edge of the water. "Okay, here's my stuff, where's..." Suddenly, there she was, Dahlia, standing right beside her, a large grin on her face. "There you are! Okay, listen carefully. I think I may have found an alien." Dahlia, instead of replying with her usual doubtfulness, responded with an, "Okay!". Kiri gave her a look. What the heck? "Hey, since when have your eyes been green?" Suddenly, another Dahlia appeared, identical to the first."What? Dahlia? Which one is...? The magma woman walked over, not looking very happy. She then pinched the one with green eyes, and the rest of them watched as the green-eyed Dahlia melted into a puddle of goo. The real Dahlia gasped. "Oh, what
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The Slime Cave Pt1
The Slime Cave Pt1
Weight gain/expansion/slime
Somewhere deep in the Amazon…
The researcher and explorer, Kiri Thorne, was delving deep into the jungle, looking to find new species of plants and possibly animals. With her, was her shy assistant, Dahlia. Exploring a part of the endless jungle that had never been touched before came as exciting for the adventurer, but not for her pack mule assistant. “Hey, Miss Thorne? I think we should take a break…Miss Thorne? The young woman, only 19 years old, could barely hear her as she scaled a tree nearby, startling a toucan. “Take a break? Come on, we’re almost to the new area!” Kiri suddenly landed back on her feet in front of Dahlia, scaring her. It was a bit of an overstatement to say Kiri had an Amazon build, but she did. She was 6’5” with a trim slightly muscular body, with voluptuous features such as large, proportionate breasts and shapely hips. Dahlia, as you could’ve guessed, was m
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Sweet Punishment: A Sweet Too Far
    Emily was the daughter of an extremely successful trainer, and with that came the list of expectations. To her end, Emily managed to live up to many of them. Only when her mother saw her in a bikini (for the first time), showing off muscles, tones legs, and a smooth stomach did she acknowledge her daughter. 
    But everyone had a fatal flaw.
    Emily's fatal flaw was her sweet tooth. Oh, how it plagued her mother! Ever since finding out about her daughter's latest candy-binge, she began trying everything she could to bring her back to what she was supposed to be. Unfortunately, her daughter beat her at every step. By the end of the year, she was sure that her daughter was gaining weight.
    It was then that she was encouraged by a friend to turn to magical assistance.
    "So, you wish to turn your daughter from junk food forever?" An oddly garbed woman said, with old age in her voice.
    "You can
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Mature content
Sweet Punishment: The Cookie Jar :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 47 3
Mature content
Sweet Punishment: Cheesecake Cave-In :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 73 7
Home Alone and Stuffed
It was a hot summer day, and the sun was beating down on the people below. A couple loaded their small red car with luggage. As they lifted the heavy bags into the trunk of the car, two teenagers walked out of the house. A thin, blonde fifteen-year-old girl, and a tall, gloomy-looking eighteen-year-old boy.
The girl leaped up and down excitedly, waving at her parents as they finished loading the luggage into the car. “Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! See ‘ya later!”
The boy crossed his arms and glumly stared at his parents. “Bye.”
“Good-bye, Cheryl. And good-bye, Peter!” their mother shouted from afar, as the car was parked a little ways away from the house.
“Take care of your little sister, Peter!” their father grinned at them before opening the door of the car and sliding into the passenger seat.
“Yeah, whatever.” Peter responded quietly, darting a glare at his little sister.
Cheryl continued waving her arm in the air and smiling a
:iconstuff-z:Stuff-Z 384 29
College Feeding
Today was just like any other slow day at work. Brittany, 19, would hide on the 2nd floor, a spot where her boss would never think to search for any slacking employee. She fiddled around on her phone for the time being. Yep, having a summer job on campus sure was boring.
Brittany, sighed, she had to do another round in the unpopulated  second floor just to look busy. Her jet black hair flowed in the wind and rested on the back of her form fitting work shirt that embraced her beautiful 5'11 figure. Her asian eyes seemed dull, but after she would punch out they would brighten up again.
She slowly stood up and walked around in a square pattern, peeking inside every trash can to make sure that they weren't too full. None of them usually were.
Her round was almost complete, until she received a text from one of her 'friends', "God! When will this creep learn to -" Brittany felt a powerful, yet soft force that knocked her down quite quickly. "Uh, Hey what the-!" She angrily stood up and
:icony45w7:y45w7 135 12
Balloon troubles
"It's here! It's finally here!"
Lanky, dark-haired beauty Rene raised her head to see what her live-in girlfriend Tina was talking about.  Tina, a bubbly, chunky, buxom brunette in a tight green sweater, was unpacking a small cardboard box that had just arrived in the mail.
Rene was totally baffled until Tina pulled out a large green balloon. Immediately, Rene guessed that Tina had very thoughtfully purchased something to indulge her inflation fetish. Of course, watching a balloon inflate was a poor substitute for an actual person, but it was the thought that mattered.
"That's really great," said Rene, smiling half-heartedly.  She didn't want to look too unenthused but she suspected that Tina still didn't entirely understand exactly what excited her so much about inflation.
"No, no, silly," gushed Tina. "I know what you're thinking; this must be some stupid overpriced bedroom prop.  But this is no ordinary balloon.  See, I ordered it from a very
:iconmcoddles:mcoddles 344 27
Stephanie was a 17 year old and she weighed 125 lbs. She had black hair and she was beautiful. Stephanie took care of her body very well and made sure she was perfect. Stephanie believed that eating right and exercising she won't be able to gain weight. However, one night Stephanie went to sleep and she had a dream.
???: Stephanie…Stephanie…
Stephanie: Huh where am I?
She found herself in a empty diner and she was in her p.j.s, a green mini short and green tank top.
???: Stephanie come eat.
Stephanie: Who are you?
Stephanie walked around the diner and found a table with a large pizza.
???: I know your hungry.
Stephanie: NO, I'm not. Besides that can make you fat. And I'll lose my figure.
???: Oh Stephanie don't worry just eat up and enjoy yourself. I know you want to. Let yourself go and eat everything you want. Don't worry about dieting and exercising enjoy sitting back and eat.
Stephanie: Well this is a dream. I can't get fat anyway, so I guess. (takes a bite of the pizza)
:iconjettyfire:jettyfire 105 5
Karty was a sweet girl, and had a swelling heart, but one day it had become her hunger that was swelling.
Karty had dark curly hair that ran down a little past her shoulders, and marvelous green eyes that glistened in the light. She had a slightly round, but extremely appealing face with thin eyebrows, round lips (that were just the right size), and other features that weren't too off key or unnapealing.
She had a fair figure; she had what every typical American girl envied. She had a nice round toosh, and a pair of hooters most women would sacrifice themselves for. Very sexy hips, and very curved thighs. Super model material.
At the moment, Karty had been at Boe's house. Boe was a girl Karty had just met as she was on the street. Boe had been crying against her flabby stomach when Karty had first seen her.
"What's wrong?" Karty asked her most sincerely. Never doubt a woman's care for another of their kind in need.
"My b-boyfriend just d-dumped me and d-drove off!" Boe cried into her m
:iconweightgainersunite:WeightGainersUnite 208 9
In My Mind, She Is
In My Mind, She Is
by Weightgainersunite
With my deepest delight,
A girl in my sight,
Her shirt so tight,
Short in height,
But she had a huge belly.
It pushed out like a sore thumb,
And her breasts were covered with crumbs,
Debris of what she had eaten,
How many hot girls she had beaten,
In my mind.
:iconweightgainersunite:WeightGainersUnite 6 0
Scarlet by Odd-Odette Scarlet :iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 4 2 Yvette Dawnson by Odd-Odette Yvette Dawnson :iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 8 0 MiMi LaRoue by Odd-Odette MiMi LaRoue :iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 12 0
Oogie's Vore Contest
Oogie's Vore Contest
"Welcome America!" Odette talked into the camera.  "You're in for a real treat!  Today, the one and only Ariel, the wife of the deceased Oogie Boogie will see how much she can devour! Say hi Ari."
"Hi Ari," Ariel waved to the camera.  "Odd, you didn't have to go through all this."
All of this included camera men, an audience and a metal table.  As much as Ariel enjoyed Odd, she was sometimes a bit excessive. How did she afford all this anyways? Maybe it was all the money she got from Ravenous Redheads.  Either way, Ariel was a bit flattered by the whole spectacle.
"Ladies and gentleman, today we're here to see how much Miss Oogie can pack away!" Odd spoke into her microphone.  "I would like to thank our sponsors: Wacky Wu's Asian Cuisine, Paul and Pete's Pizza, Izzy's Italian and Kentucky Fried McBurger Town! First up, Wong from Wu's!"
A short, messy haired boy came forth with
:iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 31 23
Mature content
Jessica Gets Herself Milked :iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 137 39

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I will try to use this journal to make people aware of the clubs and groups that are out there. I am doing this to promote the sharing of ideas, that should be present in any community.
   1) Remember that we all came from somewhere. This means that we all came out of our mother's womb devoid of any talent, so we should help those that need our help.
   2) We all have differences in ideas and we will have differences in opinions, it is through the exchange of different ideas and opinions that new ideas and trends have emerged through out mankind's past. We need to foster the exchange of those ideas, as well as question them.
     I will try to put this list together on a daily basis and add them also to the appropriate journal page alphabetically. Please if you see any clubs or groups that I have missed, send me a note or a comment.

      My work here has been featured in a news article by TwistedHearts [[link] I really appreciate this very much. Thank You. Hon.

      I'm going to leave this group posted at the top of the page as long as it's needed. It's for a good cause and that's all that needs to be said about that.

May 04, 2013:
May 06, 2013:
May 09, 2013:

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    Index of the Clubs and Groups lists.


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